Conveyor System

    1. Belt ConveyorThe belt conveyor can be utilized to convey tiny materials. It is characterized by low noise, smooth transport, superior performance and exquisite appearance.
    1. Bucket ElevatorIt is applicable to vertical transport of powdery, granular and small pump low wear materials. Stacking intensity of the materials is less than 1.5t/m. The material temperature is not more than 250℃.
    1. Chain ConveyorFlexible process layout can make the micro object conveyor can be installed at overhead place, on the ground, in a melt pit or on a slope. Additionally, it is favorable for multipoint feeding and discharging.
    1. Air-Slide ConveyorWithout parts rotating during conveying materials, the air slide conveyor features safe and reliable operation, easy maintenance, excellent seal, no noise, low power consumption, convenience for changing the direction of transportation and favorability for multipoint feeding and discharging.
    1. Screw ConveyorReverse direction conveying and two opposite directions conveying at the same time can be achieved.
      The screw conveyor is favorable for materials stirring, mixing, heating, cooling, etc. during the process of conveying.