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O-SEPA Separator

O-SEPA separator is the third generation efficient and dynamic powder classifier which has found wide application in the grinding system of cement enterprises. Developed by means of the most advanced technology in the world, this type of separator boasts following characteristics as compared with the general separators.
1. Specially shaped rotor blades have replaced the common ones. These rotor blades can enlarge powder separating area, thus ensuring higher separating rate and better separating performance under practical condition.
2. Inside the rotor, it is equipped with a powder dispersing device which can work in vortex. Advantages of the device are as follows:
a. Using this powder dispersing device, pressure drop caused by eddy can be avoided, thus reducing the pressure drop of the separator.
b. It can transmit the energy generated by the air flow rotation to the rotor, so that the power consumption of drive unit can be reduced and energy consumption caused by the eddy can be avoided.
c. Thanks to the usage to this device, tangential velocity at the exit of the powder separating machine is reduced and wear is reduced at the same time.
3. Finished grain distribution is more even and grain composition is more reasonable.

Technical Parameters
Models Capacity (t/h) Air volume(m3/h ) Max. feeding capacity (t/h) Power(kV)
HJN-250 9-18 250 37.5 22
HJN-500 18-35 500 75 45
HJN-750 27-45 750 112.5 55
HJN-1000 36-60 1000 150 75
HJN-1500 54-90 1500 225 90
HJN-2000 72120 2000 300 110
HJN-2500 90-150 2500 375 132
HJN-3000 108-180 3000 450 160
HJN-3500 126-210 3500 525 220
HJN-4000 144-240 4000 600 250
HJN-450 162-270 4500 675 280
HJN-5000 180-300 5000 750 315