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Rotor Classifier

The rotor classifier is the latest type rotor separator developed by Haijian introducing the foreign advanced technology and effectively utilizing vortex theory. Through using, the double rotor classifying equipment has proved its value to the users that the output of the open circuit can be increased by 60-80% and the classifying efficiency can reach 85-90%; easy and flexible adjustment as well as stable and reliable performance is ensured.

Unique Features
1. When using this fine material classifying machine, concentrated particle size distribution of the finished product, more reasonable grain composition, and obviously improved product quality can all be achieved
2. Energy consumption can be greatly reduced. To illustrate, unit power consumption reduce around 30% over that of traditional circle grinding system.
3. This rotor classifier can be effectively resistant to frosting, thus being able to adapt to all kinds of weathers.
4. Simple operation and quite easy adjustment of material fineness can be ensured.
5. This double rotor separator is specially equipped with a dust proof and vibration reducing fan. The fan, mounted on a vibration reduction base, can be directly supported by a steel frame, thus ensuring great convenience for installation.
6. Due to low investment and easy operation and maintenance, it is particularly applied to old factory transformation.