Separator in Cement Mill

    1. O-SEPA SeparatorSpecially shaped rotor blades have replaced the common ones. These rotor blades can enlarge powder separating area, thus ensuring higher separating rate and better separating performance under practical condition.
    1. V Separator It features advanced and reasonable process, small one-time investment, low maintenance, high efficiency, etc. Compared with the single ball mill system, Haijian roller press plus V separator grinding system can achieve more than 30% power conservation per ton of mineral powder.
    1. D SeparatorThe D type classifier features excellent separating performance and is particularly suitable for roller presses with smaller specifications.
      Easy maintenance and long service life can assure you of more secured and convenient use.
    1. Rotary Vibration ClassifierAccording to different mixed materials added to the roller press in cement grinding, the rotary vibration classifier is a perfect choice for implementing better fine materials separating.
    1. Rotor ClassifierEnergy consumption can be greatly reduced. To illustrate, unit power consumption reduce around 30% over that of traditional circle grinding system.
      This rotor classifier can be effectively resistant to frosting, thus being able to adapt to all kinds of weathers.