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Side Cantilever Stacker

The side cantilever stacker is mainly used in various industries, including cement building materials, coal, power, metallurgy, steel, chemical, etc. for material stacking as well as pre-homogenization of limestone, coal, iron ore and auxiliary materials. Continuous herringbone stacking method can increase physical and chemical property of raw materials after uniform mixing with little ingredients fluctuation, thus simplifying production process and operation, increasing technical economic indicators, and obtaining the best economic benefits. The side cantilever type stacking machine boasts two versions i.e. fixed type and rotary type.

Basic Structure
The side cantilever stacker is mainly composed of travel mechanism, material supply device, rack, cantilever stacker, hydraulic luffing system, control room, etc.

Main Technical Parameters
Materials Limestone, coal and auxiliary materials
Volume 1.45t/m3, 0.85t/m3,1.2t/m3
Stacking capacity 50t/h, 100t/h, 150t/h, 200t/h, 250t/h, 300t/h, 400t/h, 500t/h, 750t/h, 1000t/h, 1200t/h, 1500t/h, 1800t/h, 2000t/h
Cantilever length 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m, 22m, 25m, 28m, 30m
Travel speed 18m/min, 30m/min
Luffing speed 0.3m/min~0.6m/min