1. Side Scraper ReclaimerThis side scarper reclaiming machine can be used to homogenize a large variety of materials, thus being suitable for different working conditions. That is, various materials with different kinds and density such as alumina, clay, iron ore, raw coal, etc.
    1. Side Cantilever StackerContinuous herringbone stacking method can increase physical and chemical property of raw materials after uniform mixing with little ingredients fluctuation, thus simplifying production process and operation, increasing technical economic indicators, and obtaining the best economic benefits.
    1. Bridge Scraper ReclaimerDue to full cross section reclaiming process, the various physical and chemical properties of raw materials can all be improved through uniform mixing, producing little fluctuation in ingredients.
    1. Circular Stacker ReclaimerThe circular bending system is mainly characterized by Chevron stacking process and full face reclaiming process. To be specific, under the control of PLC program, the jib of the stacker will rotate back and forth in horizontal direction

Stacker Reclaimer

The stacker reclaimer designed by Haijian can maximally meet overall design manufacturability, equipment use reliability, and advancement.

1. Manufacturability
In the overall design of the equipment, the company strictly implements the technological layout by the design institute to ensure stacking and reclaiming capacity as well as storage volume. In longitudinal stock ground, the selection of stacking process depends on different working conditions. In round stock ground, continuous and combined stacking method can be adopted to assure homogenization effect.

2. Reliability
1) Advanced design methods such as computer aided design, three-dimension design and steel structure optimized design, foreign advanced technology, our manufacturing experience and continuous summarization and improvement make sure that our stacker reclaimer is designed with superior technology and can be used reliably.

2) Advanced production equipment and technology process can assure the stacking and reclaiming machine of great reliability. To be specific, steel pre-treatment line is used to ensure the improvement of quality and corrosion resistance. Large milling and boring machine can increase machining quality of large components. Large structure parts will be implemented integral trial assembly in the factory, and trial run for drive unit will be done in the factory. In addition, the rotary parts will be manufactured by moulds.

3) New materials are utilized, including wear resistant materials and composite materials.

4) Outer fittings are first class in domestic market and leading in overseas markets.

5) The stacker and reclaimer features soft start and frequency conversion control which can reduce the damage caused by impact to the equipment.

6) This material piling and taking equipment is outfitted with all kinds of protective measures.

7) Advanced testing methods and strict quality management system are adopted to further keep our product reliable and competitive.

3. Advancement
1) The equipment can carry out full automatic stacking and reclaiming without manual operation.
2) A large variety of stacking and reclaiming ways are set to maximally meet the requirements of different working conditions.
3) Advanced frequency conversion technology and applications are adopted.