1. Cement MillNew-type mill gate that can be closed by an outer cover is adopted to make sure the liner plates in the mill can enjoy unified specifications, with no need to additionally equip a special man hole liner plate.
    1. Raw MillThe internal split chamber and liner plate can effectively combine with separator to control grinding fineness and ensure output. In addition, the liner plate in this raw material grinding machine is made of unique abrasion-resistant alloy, thus ensuring long service life.
    1. Coal MillIn the drying chamber, the coal grinding mill is specially equipped with a coal lifting board to maximize drying area, thus ensuring the best drying effect. The grinding chamber adopts unique liner plate to ensure grinding fineness.
    1. Slag MillOur slag mill is mostly similar with the cement mill in exterior structure while it differs significantly from the cement mill in internal structure. In the grinding machine, uniquely designed liner plate and separated chamber can efficiently improve its grinding capability so that the grinding specific surface area can reach 4500g/cm2.
    1. Wet Milling/Metallurgical MillAs for the wet milling or metallurgical ball mill with diameter less than or equal to 3200mm, rolling bearing is commonly utilized to replace slide shoe bearing, which can contribute to 10%-20% energy conservation.

Tube Mill

Through persistent exploration and summary during the process of design, manufacture and use, Haijian, one of the strongest manufacturers of tube mill in China, has developed a large variety of tube mills with different specifications and functional requirements. Particularly, this type of product is extremely outstanding in ultra fine grinding of slag, cement, etc. In addition, the company is capable of implementing specific design according to the difference of materials, discharging fineness and process. Owing to short design cycle time and mature manufacturing process, our tube powder grinding machine has won great satisfaction among users.

With superior performance which has come up to the advanced domestic standards, Haijian tube mills have been exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, French, German, etc. Furthermore, they have been successively awarded as the famous brand of China building material machinery industry, China top brand product, important product of China Spark Program, designated product of China building material machinery industry, and other honors.

The new single drive tubing mill is mounted on the new type of slide shoe bearings at both ends which feature good lubrication, light weight, easy replacement and low maintenance. The latest Y shaped sealing between the slide shoe shell and the slide ring presents simple structure but better sealing performance.

Structurally optimized mill door which adopts outer lid ensures that internal liner plates with unified specifications can be adopted without the need to specially configure liner of manhole. In addition, only two specifications of internal liner plates are adopted, namely new segregating liner plate and standard stepped liner plate, which are characterized by the capability of enlarging material grinding area, better classifying effect, and easier maintenance and replacement.

This type of tube mill comes with new type split chambers in which adjustable and fixed material lifting boards and a material lifting spoon are equipped to make material flow easier and smoother.

This single drive powder grinding mill with double slide shoes bearings has attained national patent authorization and boasts five items of patent technology. Additionally, it was awarded as the technological innovation product of national building material industry in 2009.