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Lime Rotary Kiln

The lime rotary kiln is characterized by advanced structure. To be specific, the typically equipped low pressure loss vertical preheater can effectively improve preheating performance, making the decomposition rate of the preheated limestone reach 20%-25%. In addition, the fine limestone with particle size of 10-15mm can be directly fed into the kiln.

The lime calcining kiln has its two ends reliably sealed by using combined scaly plates, keeping air leakage factor less than 10%. Wear resistant semi-flexible composites are adopted to reduce radiation heat loss.

This lime rotary kiln comes with a cylindrical or cuboid-shaped vertical cooler which allows lime compacted in it and is favorable for separate ventilation, making sure the output lime temperature is 80℃ plus environment temperature so that the lime is convenient for transportation and storage. Furthermore, the secondary air into the lime calcinator can be preheated to over 700℃, thus considerably reducing energy consumption.

Technical Parameters
Specifications(m) Φ2.5×40 Φ2.8×42 Φ3×46 Φ3.2×50 Φ3.5×54 Φ3.6×54
Capacity (t/d) 150 200 250 300 350 400
Effective volume ( m3) 142 190 235 292 390 430
Technical Parameters
Specifications(m) Φ3.8×58 Φ4×60 Φ4.2×50 Φ4.3×58 Φ4.3×60 Φ4.8×68
Capacity (t/d) 500 600 600 750 800 1000
Effective volume ( m3) 505 575 548 670 738 1005