Rotary Kiln

    1. Cement Clinker Rotary KilnAs compared with the same specification equipment, the operation rate of this cement clinker sintering furnace is increased by 3-5% and the output rises by 5-10%, while the heat consumption is reduced by15%.
    1. Lime Rotary KilnThe lime rotary kiln is characterized by advanced structure. To be specific, the typically equipped low pressure loss vertical preheater can effectively improve preheating performance, making the decomposition rate of the preheated limestone reach 20%-25%.
    1. Metallurgical Rotary KilnThe new type metallurgical rotary kiln is simply constructed and presents a large variety of superiorities such as easy and reliable operation, little quick-wear parts, high operation rate, and premium finished products.
    1. Waste Incineration Rotary KilnSince then, three times air combustion system can be formed by the first combustion air injected from the feeding end, the secondary combustion air blown into the secondary combustion chamber in tangential direction and the tertiary air in the bottom of the furnace, thus increasing thermal efficiency of incineration.