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Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Field use condition of pulse jet bag filter

The PPCS pulse jet bag filter is widely used in crushing, packaging and grinding workplace of cement plants for collecting dust and cleaning air. If it is used for filtrating combustible dust such as pulverized coal, flame and explosion proof equipment must be added and structure of the vacuum bag dust collector should be changed correspondingly. Apart from the application in cement industry, this series pulse jet dust filter can be applied to metallurgy industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, civil boiler industry, etc. for dust collection of flue gas.

The filter bag of this dust remover is made from Dacron punched felt which requires the temperature for continuous use should be less than 120℃. If the temperature is higher than 120℃, the filter bag material should be changed. In addition, before entering into the filter, the waste gas should be subject to temperature reducing treatment. If this air cleaner is used in severe cold area, heating unit should be equipped when the temperature is -25℃ or less.

The PPCS pulse jet bag filter is favorable for outdoor installation. Different quantity of filter bags can form different specifications. To illustrate, the whole series have 8 kinds of specifications, among which diameters of the filter bags are all 130mm and length 2000mm. This pulse cloth filter supports both negative pressure and positive pressure operation without any change in its mechanical structure. The efficiency can reach over 99.9% and dust content of the filtrated gas is less than 100mg/m³(standard).