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  • Dry Process Cement Production LineHaijian is capable of offering complete dry process cement production line construction service, including engineering design, civil construction, whole package of equipment supply, equipment installation and debugging, technical support, and general contracting.
    1. Cement MillNew-type mill gate that can be closed by an outer cover is adopted to make sure the liner plates in the mill can enjoy unified specifications, with no need to additionally equip a special man hole liner plate.
    1. Raw MillThe internal split chamber and liner plate can effectively combine with separator to control grinding fineness and ensure output. In addition, the liner plate in this raw material grinding machine is made of unique abrasion-resistant alloy, thus ensuring long service life.
    1. Coal MillIn the drying chamber, the coal grinding mill is specially equipped with a coal lifting board to maximize drying area, thus ensuring the best drying effect. The grinding chamber adopts unique liner plate to ensure grinding fineness.
    1. Slag MillOur slag mill is mostly similar with the cement mill in exterior structure while it differs significantly from the cement mill in internal structure. In the grinding machine, uniquely designed liner plate and separated chamber can efficiently improve its grinding capability so that the grinding specific surface area can reach 4500g/cm2.
    1. Wet Milling/Metallurgical MillAs for the wet milling or metallurgical ball mill with diameter less than or equal to 3200mm, rolling bearing is commonly utilized to replace slide shoe bearing, which can contribute to 10%-20% energy conservation.
    1. Cement Clinker Rotary KilnAs compared with the same specification equipment, the operation rate of this cement clinker sintering furnace is increased by 3-5% and the output rises by 5-10%, while the heat consumption is reduced by15%.
    1. Lime Rotary KilnThe lime rotary kiln is characterized by advanced structure. To be specific, the typically equipped low pressure loss vertical preheater can effectively improve preheating performance, making the decomposition rate of the preheated limestone reach 20%-25%.
    1. Metallurgical Rotary KilnThe new type metallurgical rotary kiln is simply constructed and presents a large variety of superiorities such as easy and reliable operation, little quick-wear parts, high operation rate, and premium finished products.
    1. Waste Incineration Rotary KilnSince then, three times air combustion system can be formed by the first combustion air injected from the feeding end, the secondary combustion air blown into the secondary combustion chamber in tangential direction and the tertiary air in the bottom of the furnace, thus increasing thermal efficiency of incineration.
    1. Raw Material Roller PressThe raw material roll squeezer is typically characterized by low power consumption that is 10kwh/t lower than that of ball mill.
      It boasts advanced process and simple working flow.
    1. Cement Roller PressCompared with the grinding way by using only ball mill, today’s cement grinding after using cement roll squeezer presents great reduction of power and energy consumption as well as considerable improvement of cement quality.
    1. Steel Slag Roller PressThrough years of persistent practice, Haijian has manufactured the most effective steel slag roller press which can considerably transform grindabilty of the slag, thus greatly reducing power consumption. Furthermore, this steel slag grinding mill can highly increase grinding efficiency.
    1. Vertical Raw MillThe separator comes with a variety of structures, thus assuring the raw roller grinding machine of wide applications.
      The grinding device is specially and reasonably designed.
    1. Vertical Slag MillAccording to the affirmation of a large variety of project cases, invest cost of the slag powder production line can be recovered with 1-3 years, thus ensuring high investment return rate. This type of slag powder grinding mill is applicable to cement plant, powder mill, steel plant, etc.
    1. Vertical Coal MillThis vertical coal pulverizing mill is also specially characterized by large crushing ratio, long service life of grinding parts, small change of power output in whole operation cycle, wide range of applicability to materials, perfect applicability in both high and low load, etc.
  • Rotary DryerThat is, compared with the general drying machine, the coal consumption and power consumption shows a reduction of above 10-15%, and the output per machine-hour increases by more than 10-15%.
  • Suspension PreheaterThis type of raw material pre-heating machine is a new product developed by Haijian introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology. It is characterized by low heat energy consumption per unit, high output per unit volume, strong adaptability to raw materials, high decomposition rate, block resistance, etc.